Simpatico EU project

Improving the experience of citizens and companies in their daily interactions with public administrations.

Simpatico Platform

We’ve created a set of features which sit on any legacy public administration website that improves citizen’s experiences and understanding when using e-services using cutting edge technologies. Check the results in TrentoGalicia, and Sheffield pilots.


A human computation framework aimed at fostering citizen’s involvement in the public administration, where citizens and civil servants can post and solve doubts about PA services and collaborate in the improvement of administrative procedures.

Text Simplification

We’ve created a feature that allows users to select text and provides them with simplified words. The feature has a built in analytics tool that gathers feedback on the interactions with the e-services.

A new generation of citizen-centric services

Smart interaction with the PA

Improved communications and interactions between citizens and public administrations through effective e-services reduces the demand for face-to-face contact enabling great resource efficiencies.

A customised experience

Using the citizen profile feature we have created a personal and customisable experience for each citizen that adapts and simplifies text whilst guiding them through complex processes using clear diagrams.

Citizens become stakeholders

Through giving citizens the ability to ask and answer questions we are utilizing the wisdom of citizens and turning them into stakeholders on the interactions with the public administration.